30+ Most Popular Tattoo of Name on Neck Ideas For 2024

You might think neck tattoos with names are just a passing trend, but they’re making a strong comeback for 2023.

As you delve into the world of body art, consider the 15 most popular neck tattoos with names ideas we’ve compiled for you. These designs not only express your individuality, but they also symbolize a deep connection to the person whose name you’re wearing.

Whether it’s a loved one’s name or yours, these tattoo ideas are sure to leave you inspired and ready to book your next appointment. Explore these unique options and find the one that speaks to you.

About name tattooed on neck

When you decide to ink your loved one’s name on your neck, you’re making a bold statement that carries deep personal significance. This name tattooed on neck, whether hidden or displayed, becomes a part of you, a piece of art with a narrative that only you can fully grasp.

Your chosen name tattoo on neck design may vary from intricate, complex patterns to simple, clean fonts. It all depends on your personal preference and the message you want to convey.

Neck tattoos, adored by both men and women, can be a testament to your courage or a symbol of your deepest emotions. Whether it’s a beacon of your love or a tribute to a cherished memory, each stroke of the needle etches more than ink into your skin – it etches a part of your story.

What Do Name Tattooed on the Neck Mean And Symbolize

Choosing to get a name tattooed on your neck carries deep symbolism and personal significance. It often acts as a profound expression of your identity, your relationships, or your beliefs.

When exploring tattoo ideas, remember the weight of what a name tattooed on the neck means and symbolizes. It may represent unyielding love and commitment, serving as a permanent tribute to a loved one or symbolizing strong emotional bonds. Alternatively, it can mark a personal achievement or be a way to express your individuality.

Certain cultural or religious significances may also be embedded in your name tattoo on the neck. Ultimately, it’s a statement of self-expression, a poignant narrative inscribed on your skin, telling your unique story to the world.

Where To Get A name tattooed on neck

Choosing the perfect spot for a name tattoo on your neck is an art in itself, requiring a keen balance between aesthetics, personal comfort, and practicality.

Whether it’s the subtle allure behind your ear, the easily concealable back of your neck, or the visibly bold under-jaw area, each location offers a unique canvas for your tattoo.


In your pursuit of self-expression, you’ll find the neck to be an ideal location for a name tattoo. Neck tattoos with names aren’t only striking but allow for a profound personal statement.

  1. Visibility: A neck tattoo design instantly catches the eye. It’s a bold choice, conveying your message without muttering a word.
  2. Large Tattoo Space: The neck provides ample room for a large tattoo. This enables intricate designs, perfect for a name tattoo with embellishments.
  3. Personal Connection: Neck tattoos with names can symbolize a personal connection, commemorating a loved one or a significant moment in your life.

How Much Do Name tattooed on neck Cost

Deciding to get your name inked on your neck is an artistic statement, but it’s also an investment. The cost can vary based on several factors including the artist’s experience, the complexity of your design, and the location of the tattoo shop.

The artist

So, how much can you expect to pay for a name tattoo on your neck? The cost can vary widely, depending on several factors. Your tattoo artist plays a significant role in determining the price of your body art.

Here are three factors that can influence the cost:

  1. Artist’s Experience: A highly skilled and experienced tattoo artist may charge more but will ensure the quality of your name tattoos on neck.
  2. Complexity: The more intricate and detailed the tattoo, the higher the cost. If you want additional designs around the name, it’ll cost you extra.
  3. Studio Location: Tattoo studios in urban areas or popular towns often charge more due to higher operating costs.


Considering the size of your neck tattoo, you’ll find that larger designs typically cost more due to the extra time and effort involved. The intricacy of neck tattoos with names ideas also plays a part in the final cost. Smaller, simpler designs might sit comfortably in your budget, while grander, more complex ones could require a heftier investment.

The size of your desired name on neck tattoo determines not just the price, but the canvas needed. Limited space on your neck might mean resizing or reimagining your design. Remember, good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good.

Your tattoo is a unique expression of self, a piece of art etched on your skin. Therefore, consider size, cost, and quality carefully when deciding on neck tattoos with names.


While you’re contemplating the color scheme for your next neck tattoo, remember that adding color can significantly drive up the cost. The vibrancy of a color tattoo of a name on your neck can make a bold statement, but it requires more time and resources.

Here are three factors that influence the cost:

  1. Color Complexity: The more colors you want, the more the price escalates.
  2. Shade Variation: Different shades of the same color require more work, hence higher costs.
  3. Ink Quality: High-quality, long-lasting ink colors cost more than basic ones.

The neck is a sensitive area, requiring precise skills to tattoo. So, consider your budget, color preferences, and the visibility of your neck tattoo. Ultimately, the perfect balance between cost and color could make your tattoo truly unforgettable.


Now, let’s dive into how much time and cost you should expect for getting a name tattooed on your neck.

A name tattoo on the neck is a unique, personal statement, but it does require commitment both in terms of time and cost.

Depending on the complexity of the design, a neck tattoo can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours.

As for the cost, a professional tattoo artist typically charges between $100 to $200 per hour. So a simple names on neck tattoos idea could cost you up to $600.

31 Best Playboy Bunny Tattoo Designs

Toying with the idea of a Playboy Bunny design for your next neck tattoo? It’s a choice soaked in symbolism, reflecting both rebellion and sophistication.

Let’s explore the best designs, each artistically unique, ready to represent your individuality in a bold and chic way for 2023.

Crown Tattoo on Neck with Name – Only Images

If you’re looking to stand out, consider getting a crown tattoo on your neck with your name incorporated into the design, a trend that’s picking up steam in 2023. This tattoo on neck name strategy is more than a fashion statement; it’s a bold declaration of self-expression.

Here are three reasons why you should consider a crown tattoo on neck with name – only images:

  1. Uniqueness: Each design is tailored to your name, ensuring a distinct piece that’s uniquely yours.
  2. Visibility: The neck is a highly visible area, perfect for showcasing your black ink masterpiece.
  3. Symbolism: Crowns symbolize power, authority, and self-confidence – traits that are sure to resonate with you.

Traditional Tattoo on Neck with Name – Only Images

Looking for a more traditional yet bold tattoo idea? Consider getting a Playboy Bunny design on your neck with your name as part of the design.

This traditional tattoo on neck with name is iconic and timeless, while still making a daring statement. The black and white Playboy Bunny symbol stands out sharply on your skin, drawing the eye to the artistry and detail of the design. Your last name on neck tattoo, written in elegant script, adds a personal touch that makes the tattoo uniquely yours.

Finding the right tattoo shop is crucial to bringing this vision to life; they’ll ensure your tattoo isn’t only professional, but also a true reflection of you. So, in 2023, dare to be bold and traditional with a Playboy Bunny neck tattoo.

Chinese Name Tattoo on Neck – Only Images

Branching out from the traditional Playboy Bunny design, you might want to consider getting your name inked in Chinese characters for an intriguing and exotic twist. This Chinese name tattoo on neck approach is an interesting blend of East and West, merging the iconic Playboy bunny with the mystique of Chinese calligraphy.

Here are three reasons why you’d love this tattoo idea:

  1. Uniqueness: Your chinese name tattoo on neck would be a custom piece, unique to you.
  2. Cultural Fusion: This design fuses Western pop culture with Chinese artistry, creating a piece that’s multi-layered in its meanings.
  3. Personal Expression: Neck tattoos with names allow you to express your identity in an eye-catching and personal way.

Rose Neck Tattoo with Name – Only Images

You’ll find a rose neck tattoo with your name intricately woven into the design to be a stunning and personal expression of your identity. This style of neck tattoos is as unique as you are, offering a blend of beauty, symbolism, and personalization that’s hard to beat.

The rose, a symbol of love, beauty, and strength, is carefully etched onto your skin, with your name subtly embedded in its petals or leaves. Every detail, every line, contributes to the story you’re telling, making it a piece of wearable art.

Butterfly Neck Tattoo with Name – Only Images

Diving right into the next trend, consider a butterfly neck tattoo with your name gracefully inscribed within its delicate wings – an embodiment of transformation and freedom that’s sure to turn heads. This is one of the 15 most popular neck tattoos with names ideas for 2023. According to the latest news, this tattoo design is rapidly gaining popularity.

Here’s why:

  1. Symbolism: Butterflies symbolize change and rebirth, and your name within it adds a personal touch.
  2. Artistry: The delicate artistry involved in a butterfly neck tattoo with name – only images, is simply stunning.
  3. Unique: It’s a unique way to express your identity and personal evolution.

Son’s Name Tattoo on Neck – Only Images

Moving on from the butterfly design, let’s explore another popular choice for 2023 – getting a tattoo of your son’s name on your neck, perhaps paired with a striking Playboy bunny design.

This trend combines the sentimental value of your son’s name with the audacious and iconic bunny symbol. When considering neck tattoos, the placement and font style for your son’s name are critical. The neck is a visible and sensitive area, so consider choosing a script that’s both elegant and readable.

Images of this kind of tattoo reveal a blend of boldness and tenderness. Also, the Playboy bunny, with its sleek lines and playful allure, adds an edge. It’s a unique fusion of personal meaning and style, making your tattoo not just an art form, but a statement.

Diamond Neck Tattoo with Name – Only Images

Continuing the exploration of daring neck tattoo trends, consider the diamond neck tattoo combined with a name, which truly elevates the Playboy bunny motif to a whole new level. This ink art can signify much more than aesthetics; it can be a symbol of a romantic relationship, a declaration of love for a loved one, or a testament of commitment.

  1. Romantic Relationship: The diamond, an emblem of endurance and strength, paired with a loved one’s name, can serve as an enduring pledge of your bond.
  2. Loved One: The name intricately inscribed within the diamond design may represent an intimate connection, honoring someone important to you.
  3. Commitment: As tattoos are permanent, this design can symbolize the unwavering commitment you have towards the person whose name is etched on your skin.

Floral Neck Tattoo with Name – Only Images

If you’re searching for a unique spin on the Playboy Bunny tattoo trend, consider incorporating a floral design with a name into your neck tattoo. This design is garnering attention on social media, with fans praising its twist on the iconic symbol.

It combines the sinuous elegance of flowers with the bold statement of a name, creating a tattoo that’s uniquely you. Floral designs offer a lot of variety, so you can make it as simple or intricate as you want.

Rumors suggest that this trend may become even more popular in 2023. The floral neck tattoo with a name provides a fresh take on the classic Playboy Bunny design, making it a compelling choice for your next tattoo.

Breast Cancer Neck Tattoo with Name – Only Images

For those of you with a personal connection to breast cancer, a Playboy Bunny neck tattoo adorned with a name could be a powerful symbol of strength and resilience. This iconic design, loaded with meaning, becomes a canvas for love and a testament to survival.

In the heart of Los Angeles, talent agency scouts are always on the lookout for unique expressions of individuality. Your tattoo could be your ticket to recognition.

The Playboy Bunny symbol, a beacon of liberation and bold femininity, can be customized with the name of a loved one, turning it into a personal emblem of hope.

Cover Up Neck Tattoo with Name – Only Images

When you’re looking to cover up an old tattoo, a Playboy Bunny design can really stand out, especially when you incorporate a meaningful name into the artwork. This iconic symbol, coupled with a name, can transform your terrible mistake into a stunning masterpiece.

A cover up neck tattoo with name isn’t only a creative solution but also a bold statement piece. Envision a photoshopped pic, a bunny silhouette tastefully intertwined with a name, inked onto your neck. The sharp lines of the bunny contrast beautifully with the flowing script of the name.

The result? A striking tattoo that not only conceals the past but also celebrates a new beginning. This way, you turn what was once regrettable into something truly remarkable.

Shark Tooth Neck Tattoo with Name – Only Images

While you might love the idea of a Playboy Bunny neck tattoo, you might find yourself equally drawn to the edgy allure of a shark tooth design, particularly when it’s combined with a significant name. This design can be a controversial comment on strength and survival, turning heads and sparking conversations. But remember, with great art comes great responsibility, so rights reserved to you for the final choice.

Here are three points to consider:

  1. The shape of the shark tooth lends itself to various artistic interpretations.
  2. The addition of a name can provide personalized significance.
  3. Choosing the right device is crucial – ensure your tattoo artist uses high-quality equipment.

In 2023, dare to be different with a shark tooth neck tattoo. Enjoy the journey of making your mark.

Praying Hands Neck Tattoo with Name – Only Images

You’ll find that one of the most powerful and poignant neck tattoo designs for 2023 is the praying hands with a name, a perfect blend of spirituality and personalization. This design embodies the depth of faith, akin to Cardi B’s spiritual tattoo collection.

The name adds a personal touch, like Travis Kelce’s tattoos, which subtly pay tribute to his loved ones. The stunning detail work can be as intricate as Avril Lavigne’s star-studded tattoos.

Picture this: two hands, folded in prayer, inked beautifully onto your neck. Etched beneath, the name of someone special, a reminder forever etched in your skin. The result is a tattoo that’s not only visually engaging but also profoundly meaningful. It’s a testament to your faith, love, and personal journey.

Anchor Neck Tattoo with Name – Only Images

Shifting your attention to anchor neck tattoos with a name, imagine a bold, seafarer’s emblem combined with the personal touch of a name, much like the praying hands design. This artistic fusion is among the 15 most popular neck tattoos with names ideas for 2023.

  1. Classic Anchor: This design features a traditional anchor with a ribbon, allowing the name to be artistically woven into the image.
  2. Anchor with Flowers: Soften the boldness of the anchor with the femininity of flowers, with the name subtly incorporated.
  3. Nautical Star Anchor: This design merges a star and anchor, with the name etched within the star.

These only images are just a glimpse of the anchor neck tattoo with name possibilities. They’re the perfect blend of personal expression and aesthetic appeal.

Fine Line Neck tattoo with Name – Only Images

If you’re intrigued by the personal and artistic appeal of the anchor tattoos, then the fine line neck tattoo with name, specifically the Playboy Bunny designs, is another trendy choice to consider for 2023. Celebrities like Billie Eilish and NBA Youngboy have brought attention to this type of inkwork, making it a hot topic.

The Playboy Bunny design, with its iconic silhouette, cleverly incorporates the name within the fine lines of the bunny’s ears or body, creating a unique and meaningful tattoo. The fine line style allows for intricate detail, creating a delicate yet powerful statement.

With a toggle feature, you can choose to reveal or hide the name, providing versatility and a sense of mystery. It’s a tattoo that’s both personal and universal, never going out of style.

Watercolor Neck Tattoo with Name – Only Images

Taking your love for the Playboy Bunny designs a notch higher, consider getting a watercolor neck tattoo with a name. This unique style, similar to the artistic flair of Porsha Williams, can make a simple Playboy Bunny design truly pop.

  1. Colorful Imagery: With watercolor tattoos, you can incorporate beautiful hues into your design, much like the vivid personality of Simon Guobadia.
  2. Personal Touch: Adding a name, perhaps your own or someone dear to you like Matty B, adds an intimate touch to your tattoo.
  3. Playboy Bunny Design: This iconic symbol, coupled with the watercolor technique, can make your neck tattoo a standout piece.

History Of name tattooed on neck

Over the years, you’ve likely seen a rise in the trend of getting a name tattooed on the neck, reflecting personal connections or significant life milestones.

This practice dates back to ancient cultures, where tattoos symbolized tribal affiliations and spiritual practices.

Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj have put their own spin on this tradition, creating unique designs that tell personal stories. For instance, Nicki’s husband, Kenneth Petty, showcases his love through a tattoo of her name on his neck.

Despite the stigmatized associations of neck tattoos in the past, they’ve now become symbols of individuality and expression, permeating mainstream culture and inspiring new designs for 2023.

Which Celebrities Have A Name tattooed on neck

In your search for neck tattoo inspiration, you’ll find some of the world’s biggest celebrities sporting this trend. While not every star like Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, or Ryan Reynolds has ventured into neck tattoos, there’s a plethora who have, making a bold statement with their ink.

  1. David Beckham: The retired footballer has a neck tattoo featuring his wife’s name, ‘Victoria,’ etched in Sanskrit script, symbolizing his enduring love.
  2. Amber Rose: This American model and actress chose to honor her sons, Sebastian and Slash, with a tattoo on the back of her neck, expressing her deep-rooted maternal bond.
  3. Iggy Azalea: The Australian rapper boldly displays her former relationship with A$AP Rocky with a ‘Live, Love, A$AP’ tattoo.

These celebrities showcase how neck tattoos can be a unique, personal canvas for expression.


What is the best type of tattoo for a name tattoo on the neck

When choosing your neck tattoo’s design, it’s crucial to consider the style that best suits your personality and aesthetic preference. Each tattoo style is a unique artistic expression, akin to the diverse art scenes of New York, from the vibrant street art of Bushwick to the refined galleries of Chelsea.

  1. Script or Calligraphy: This style is trendy on Page Six and is perfect for name tattoos, offering a variety of fonts and scripts that can embody your aesthetic.
  2. Minimalist: A minimalist design can deliver a powerful impact, like the bold, succinct messages in target advertising.
  3. Watercolor: Watercolor tattoos, with their soft gradients and splashes of color, can turn your skin into a living canvas.

What are the pros and cons of a name tattoo on the neck

Understanding the pros and cons of getting a name tattoo on your neck is just as important as selecting your tattoo’s style.

With neck tattoos with names, one major pro is their uniqueness. Your tattoo can be a constant reminder of someone special, an artistic expression of your identity. They’re more visible than other tattoos, making them a bold statement piece.

However, there are cons too. One disadvantage is the potential for regret. Names are personal, and relationships can change over time. Also, neck tattoos can be challenging to cover up if needed for professional reasons. Lastly, the neck is a sensitive area, so you might experience more pain during the process.

Understanding these pros and cons is crucial to ensure you’re making the right choice for your name tattoo on the neck.

Can I cover up a name tattoo on the neck

In case you’re wondering, yes, you can cover up a name tattoo on your neck, but there are several factors to consider before proceeding.

  1. Tattoo Size and Color:
    The size and color of your existing name tattoo on the neck influence the design possibilities for the cover-up. Darker and larger tattoos might require a more complex design.
  2. Artist’s Skill:
    Not all tattoo artists specialize in cover-ups. Find an artist with a portfolio of successful neck tattoos with names cover-ups.
  3. Your Expectations:
    Be realistic. A successful cover-up transforms the old tattoo, but it mightn’t completely hide it.

What is the average cost of a name tattoo on the neck

Now that you’ve considered the logistics of covering up an old tattoo, let’s talk about your potential investment – the average cost of a name tattoo on your neck.

Just as the 15 most popular neck tattoos with names ideas for 2023 are diverse and intricate, so too are their price tags. The cost can fluctuate based on the artist’s expertise, the complexity of the design, and the time it takes to complete.

A simple, small name could start around $50, but a larger, more detailed piece can easily hit hundreds.

How many sessions will it take to complete a name tattoo on the neck

Depending on the complexity of your chosen design, you’ll typically need one to three sessions to complete a name tattoo on your neck. This can vary, as factors such as size, color, and font intricacy play a significant role in the time required.

Reflecting on 2023 trends, here are three key points to consider:

  1. Simplicity is King: Simple neck tattoos with names can often be completed in a single session.
  2. Color Complexity: Multi-colored designs may require more sessions, allowing for each color to settle and heal separately.
  3. Font Intricacy: Elaborate fonts can add detailed beauty, yet they may extend the number of sessions needed.

What is the best way to care for a name tattoo on the neck?

After you’ve patiently endured the required sessions for your name tattoo, it’s essential you know how to properly take care of it to ensure its longevity and vibrancy.

As neck tattoos with names gain popularity in 2023, remember that your skin is a living canvas and requires meticulous care.

The best way to care for a name tattoo on the neck starts with cleanliness; gently cleanse the area twice daily, avoiding harsh chemicals. Moisturize with a tattoo-specific lotion to keep the skin supple and the color vivid.

Avoid direct sunlight and harsh elements.

Most importantly, listen to your body. If you notice any unusual changes, consult a professional immediately.

Your attention to detail will make your unique neck tattoo a timeless piece of art.


In wrapping up, name tattoos on the neck are an intense way to express your identity or honor someone special. They’re not just ink on skin, they’re silent storytellers.

So, whether you’re paying tribute to a loved one or making a bold statement, remember, getting your name etched on your neck isn’t just a walk in the park. It’s a commitment – a permanent whisper of a unique tale worn close to your heartbeat.


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